Who To Contact

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  • Alexander Repenning (Alexander.Repenning@Colorado.edu): for general concerns
  • Clayton Lewis (clayton.lewis@colorado.edu) for GK-12 and CS4HS
  • Ian Her Many Horses (ian.hermanyhorses@colorado.edu) and Hilarie Nickerson (hnickerson@colorado.edu) depending on you school/location: for general communication, logistical, scheduling, and financial concerns.
  • Andri Ioannidou (andri@agentsheets.com): for general concerns, registration keys for AgentSheets, technical issues with the software, concerns about simulations and games, curriculum, take-home deal for students
  • David Webb (dcwebb@colorado.edu) and/or Krista Marshall (Krista.Marshall@Colorado.edu) : for educational and evaluation concerns, consent forms and procedures, surveys.
  • Kyuhan Koh (kohkh@colorado.edu): for getting student accounts and class listings on the Scalable Game Design Arcade, for technical issues with the Arcade and the wiki
  • Ashok Basawapatna (dilbert31416@gmail.com): for tutorials