Troubleshooting: Continuous sound

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 The following material relates to the AgentCubes Online environment 


Open the simulation for this example in edit mode

Run the simulation. You will hear a continuous honking sound. The world viewport may go completely black.

Why is this happening? How do you think this occurred? How would you correct it?

NOTE: You may need to reload the web page in order to stop the sound.

Frogger game

More Information

Analysis and suggested solution
In this example, the problem is not a programming issue. Rather, it is a problem with a “stray” frog in the world, in this case buried under a road agent as shown below:

Frogger game with stray frog under the road
It is likely that the user would detect this construction, at least in a simple world like the example. However, in a large and complex world, as well as one with agents which are not as three-dimensional in nature, detection may be more difficult. In such cases, it may be necessary to “peel” layers of agents a little at a time to find stray agents causing the problem.

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