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The Scalable Game Design research project supports teachers through a grant by the National Science Foundation.

Teachers will learn

  • how to program and design games and simulation (depending on level) using AgentSheets and/or AgentCubes software
  • how to teach computer science and computational thinking and critical thinking skills through Scalable Game Design
  • how to guide students in designing and building games and STEM simulations
  • how to work with computational thinking patterns
  • how game design maps to the ISTE standards and other content area standards
  • how to access a large resource of curriculum and teacher & student support materials
  • how to collect student motivation and game design data

Teachers will receive

  • free training on the highly successful Scalable Game Design curriculum
  • free personal AgentSheets software for as long as participation continues in the research project
  • free school AgentSheets software for as long as participation continues in the research project
  • a stipend upon completing all steps of classroom research data-collection implementations
  • free support from research team, including lesson plans and other teaching material
  • up to 3 University of Colorado (Boulder) graduate level credits for $70/credit paid by the teacher

Teachers commit to

  • attend summer training at the University of Colorado in Boulder for 3 to 5 days
  • teach students using curricular materials developed by the research team and evaluated and evolved by other teachers, e.g.
  • at least one unit on game design (two to sixteen weeks in length)
  • administer online motivational questionnaires and computational thinking surveys to students
  • collect and turn in all necessary forms

Teachers are encouraged to

  • contribute to Game Wiki by improving existing teaching materials and submitting new materials
  • contribute to Game Facebook and Edmodo wall by posting comments, ideas, photos


  • For those needing CU graduate Credit for certification, completion of the credit form plus payment can be made at the Summer Institute: all qualifying participants must complete this form and submit payment to receive graduate credit from the university.

Implementation Guidelines

Past Summer Institute Archive

Follow this link to read about our past Summer Institutes.