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These are the people working on the Scalable Game Design project:

Whom to Contact for What

  • Alexander Repenning (Alexander.Repenning@Colorado.Edu): for research and general concerns and CS4HS
  • Yasko Endo ( for any project concerns and communications, including implementation, research, scheduling, and financial concerns
  • Nadia Repenning ( for general AgentSheets concerns, registration keys, technical issues with the software, concerns about simulations and games, curriculum, take-home software discount purchases for students
  • David Webb ( for educational and evaluation concerns, consent forms and procedures, surveys
  • Hilarie Nickerson ( for help with technical problems during classroom implementations including software and software use issues, and wiki questions and issues
  • Susan Miller ( for help with rubrics, lesson plans, trajectories, assessment tools
  • Clayton Lewis ( for GK-12



  • Alexander Repenning, Computer Science, Project Director, Principal Investigator, inventor of AgentSheet and AgentCubes software
  • David Webb, School of Education, Co-Principal Investigator, specializing in mathematics education and evaluation
  • Kris D. Gutierrez, School of Education, Co-Principal Investigator, specializing in learning sciences, literacy, and evaluation
  • Clayton Lewis, Computer Science, Faculty Associate, project design


Associates & Graduate Assistants


  • Ian Her Many Horses, Education, Ph.D. student, classroom observation protocol development and analysis, design process tools development, general project support
  • Hilarie Nickerson, Computer Science and Cognitive Science, Ph.D. student, general technical support for teachers during implementation, wiki content manager
  • Susan Miller, Education, Ph.D. student, curricular development, assessment and evaluation of classrooms, general teacher support for teaching and learning


  • Kyuhan Koh, Computer Science and Cognitive Science, Ph.D. student
  • Ashok Basawapana, Computer Science, Ph.D. student
  • Krista Marshall, Education, Ph.D. student
  • Diane Keyser, Education, MEd. student
  • Calvin Pohawpatchoko, ATLAS, Ph.D. student
  • David Sanders, Research Faculty Associate, Director CU Upward Bound Program


  • Heather MacGillivary, External Evaluator
  • Len Scrogan, Director of Instructional Technology, Boulder Valley School District, leads tech hub research; organizes teacher exchange and statewide Educational Summit in 2010.
  • Fred Gluck, Instructor, Science Discovery, University of Colorado: experienced AgentSheets outreach science instructor; leads teacher training effort
  • Carol McBride, Development Director of Aurora Public Schools, leads urban area staff in working with researchers to adopt the curriculum to the needs of the APS district.
  • Cynthia Seidel, Executive Director of South Central BOCES, coordinates research in rural area; work with local community colleges to organize student participation.
  • Corey Papastathis, District Instructional Coach of Technology, Ft. Lupton School District: creates curriculum for transition to high school module; trains high school teachers.
  • John Zola: retired social studies high school teacher and socratic method expert.


Partnering Organizations

Current Teachers

2014 Summer Institute Scholars and Teacher-Trainers (47)

Past Teachers

Listing of Active and Inactive Past Teachers

Past Community/Tribal College Students

Listing of College Students

Past Project Students