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Created by the original inventors of drag-and-drop programming for education this tutorial reaches a new benchmark to unleash the creative energy of your students. With AgentCubes online your students can create their own 3D shapes, create 3D worlds, program these worlds and share them with their friends. Have your students move beyond Minecraft. This tutorial is unique because it gives your students a choice. They can either follow an interactive tutorial to build a 3D Frogger game or, after learning the basics, skip ahead and build a completely different game. In one hour your students can finish the first third of the activity. If they submit their games they can continue working on their games later. But don't just take our words for what your students are learning and how engaged they will be. Watch videos of teachers and students who have used AgentCubes and AgentSheets not just for an hour but hours and hours of code.

Localization / Lokalisation / localización

  • We have Tutorials, Videos and Software in English language available.
  • Unsere Tutorials, Videos und Software ist auf Deutsch verfügbar.
  • Nuestros ...

Here's How it Works

  • There is a three part video tutorial. The first part takes around 45 minutes.
  • If the video doesn't work, you can download and print the Frogger lesson plan as handout.
  • If you're in a classroom, consider playing the tutorial video on a projector.
  • We strongly encourage you to submit every game! (Even if the game is incomplete) If you provide an email address when you submit, you will receive a link to continue working on the game as well * as a certificate of completion.
  • Parts 2 and 3 of the video tutorial may take more than an hour to complete and are provided only for completeness. Submitted projects can be worked on later at school or at home.
  • Coppa compliance

Browser Recommendations

  • The AgentCubes Online activity uses webGL and requires a modern browser Check if you browser supports webGL
  • AgentCubes Online works best with: Chrome, Safari or Firefox.
  • AgentCubes Online also works with Internet Explorer 11 but we would recommend using one of the browsers listed above if possible.