Computational Thinking Video Quiz

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Computational Thinking Video Quiz

This Video Survey is a useful and fun tool to use to assess how your students are doing internalizing Computational Thinking (CT) patterns.

The survey can be used as an INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL with the entire class working together, or by having each student complete the survey individually.

The research team is currently not collecting data from the survey results.  

For all new participant teachers, the students should select the option for "ZZZZZ, ZZZ" under teacher name and type in his/her teacher name in the "other" box.

1. First...Go to the Link Below and Take the Video Survey Yourself, on the Computers Your Students Will Use

Look for these things as you complete the Video Survey:

a) Do the videos work in your computer lab?  If the videos don't work, what browser are you using?

b) If the videos work, what is the general quality? Is the streaming adequate to observe the video or is it too jerky? Are there excessive delays in downloading any of the videos (more than 10 sec)?

2. Instructions for Teachers

Administer this survey toward the end of a unit (within the last week) or after students have completed a unit. This CT Assessment can be administered before or after students have completed the motivation survey and arcade uploads.

This survey works well as an INSTRUCTIONAL TOOL with the entire class working together.  

You can show the survey projected on the wall and have students raise their hands with their ideas and reasoning for which CT pattern each video represents.

Alternately, each student can see the video on their individual monitors and complete the survey on their own.

The team's experience is that this is a REALLY FUN ACTIVITY done as a group, because students will come up with different answers for CT patterns and have very solid rational to back it up!

Note: We have found that Internet Explorer will tend to work better with these videos than other browsers. However, feel free to check other browsers such as Safari or Firefox if you would prefer to use them instead (again, type "teacher test" in the initials box)

3. Instructions for Students Taking the Survey Individually

Tell students they are about to complete a survey where they will look at some videos. They will be asked to describe how the video relates to parts of a game or simulation they've recently designed.

There are three sections to this survey. The first deals with Frogger, the second Pacman, the third simulations. If students have not completed one of the games or simulations, when they are asked if they have designed that game or simulation they should just select "no" when they get to that question and move on.

At the very end of the survey they will complete a final page with some personal information that may be used for research purposes. Their responses to this survey will be used to improve game design and simulation units.