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Lesson Plan Documentation

What is your objective? Get kids interested in game design and computer science.

What standards will you meet as part of this lesson? ISTE, NGSS, Common Core, etc... Think Computer Science, Math, Literacy, etc

Math: Teacher demonstrates knowledge of mathematics and promotes development in numbers and operations, algebra, geometry and measurement and data.

Literacy: Teacher demonstrates knowledge of student literacy development in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

CCNS: Standards based on community college system.

Technology: CTE standards.

What game will you teach first? Frogger or allow advanced students to work on other projects.

What grade(s) will you teach? 9-12, but mostly 9th graders.

How often do you meet with your class? How many total class periods? Each class is 58 minutes. I plan on implementing a game design units in three classes for 5 weeks. Each class will meet 25 times for a total of 1450 minutes.

How many students will you teach? Each class is about 32 students. Approximately 96 total students.

What will the layout of classes look like? For example, Class 1: I will introduce the program, teach class rules, etc. Class 2: Frogger Part I All of my classes are an Introduction to PC class so they will follow the same schedule. Day 1: Take survey, overview of unit, test other students games, how to access unit materials. Day 2: Design a frogger type game creating own characters, conflicts, and resolutions using a storyboard worksheet to help. Day 3: Walkthrough agentsheets. Day 4-5: Create a "Bob game" to show students steps and how to create agents, rules, etc. Day 6-7: Let students work through tutorials on own and use groups for help. Day 8: Student's review each others games and upload to arcade. Day 9: Introduce concepts of Sokoban in "Bob game." Day 10-12: Students work through tutorials of Sokoban. Day 13: Student's review each others games and upload to arcade. Day 14: Introduce concepts of PacMan in "Bob game." Day 15-17: Students work through tutorials of PacMan. Day 18: Student's review each others games and upload to arcade. Day 19: Introduce simulation Day 20-25: Complete simulation

What support materials will you need/use? (Consider curricula materials, technology resources, etc) Curriculum from summer institute, tutorials on wiki, and other games completed and uploaded to arcade.

How will you integrate it into your existing curriculum? For example, will it replace current lessons, will you swap an existing lesson for a SGD lesson? Rather than have a unit on Photoshop and video editing, I will replace it with Game Design.

When do you plan to teach this unit for the first time? Spring 2015.