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Lesson Plan Documentation

What is your objective?

Students will be able to use computational thinking patterns to successfully program a Frogger video game using AgentSheets software. Computational thinking patterns: absorb, generate, collision, and transport. Students will communicate how they programmed their game using Google Docs as a communication tool.

What standards will you meet as part of this lesson? ISTE, NGSS, Common Core, etc... Think Computer Science, Math, Literacy, etc 1. NGSS: Science & Engineering Practices, Practice 5: Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking “Create algorithms (a series of ordered steps) to solve a problem” Communication: Explain the computational thinking patterns 2. CCSS Connection - RST.6-8.7 Integrate quantitative or technical information expressed in words in a text with a version of that information expressed visually (e.g., in a flowchart, diagram, model, graph, or table). (MS-ETS1-3)

What game will you teach first? Frogger

What grade(s) will you teach? 6th grade

How often do you meet with your class? How many total class periods? Everyday 1 period science class and every other day 1 period for engineering. 1 period equals 83 minutes.

How many students will you teach? 54

What will the layout of classes look like? For example, Class 1: I will introduce the program, teach class rules, etc. Class 2: Frogger Part I Period 1: I will introduce the program, teach class rules, structures, etc.
Period 2: Frogger Part I - Create Agents, open & save 1st worksheet.
Period 3: Frogger Part 2 - Create worksheet for the game
Period 4: Frogger Part 3a - Understanding Agents’ Behaviors
Period 5: Frogger Part 3b - Frog Behavior
Period 6: Frogger Part 3c - Truck Behavior & Truck/Frog Collision
Period 7: Frogger Part 4 - The River
Period 8: Frogger - Extra time to debug, extend, go over CTPs, etc.

What support materials will you need/use? (Consider curricula materials, technology resources, etc) AgentSheets 4.0 software CS4HS information Binder from training. Google Docs for documenting student thinking. Screen grab tools. Possibly Screen casting tools.

How will you integrate it into your existing curriculum? For example, will it replace current lessons, will you swap an existing lesson for a SGD lesson? At STEM Magnet Lab in Adams 12 every student K-8 has engineering as a core class. This will be a part of the 6th grade engineering curriculum.

When do you plan to teach this unit for the first time? I taught frogger last year (2013-2014). I did not know about computational thinking patterns. I plan on teaching it better this coming school year (2014-2015). I plan on being more cognizant of implementing the CTPS with kids.