2015 Summer Institute Agenda

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Summer Institute will meet at and near the University of Colorado Boulder ATLAS Institute. All Scholars check-in on their first day in the lobby of the ATLAS, located on the Southwest corner of Colorado Avenue & 18th Street. Enter from the East side (18th Street). Map of ATLAS Institute location.


  • All Scholars need to bring their own laptops (and power cords & mouse)) each day to Summer Institute.
  • The project does not provide laptops. In the event of device problems, laptops can be rented on campus for a fee with prior arrangements.
  • Software installation: all Scholars must arrive on the first day of their workshop with AgentSheets 4.0 and/or AgentCubes 2.0 software installed, TESTED (pre-work sent to you), and ready to run on their laptops.
  • Anyone needing extra help related to software should arrive at the ATLAS lobby by 8:00 to receive assistance.


  • Parking permits: a team member (in a pink shirt) will be at the entrance to the Regent Parking Lot (SE corner of Colorado Avenue & Regent Drive) between 7:15 - 8:00 to hand out permits as you arrive.
If you do not pick up a permit on arrival day, you will be ticketed. Cars parked without a permit will be ticketed. The project is not responsible for violation tickets.
Your dated permit must be clearly visible at all times while parked. The project is not responsible for your parking violation tickets.

  • What happens during check-in on your first day?
    • Pick up your packet in the ATLAS lobby
    • Get your photo taken
    • Returning Scholars - do you know your Arcade login info? If not - see Hilarie at tec check
    • Get some coffee
    • Enter A100 Auditorium to complete forms and wait for the first session

  • Complete and turn in (to Yasko) forms found in the front pocket and behind the "Check-list" first page of your binder:
    • Teacher Consent
    • Media Release
    • CU Graduate Credit Form and payment, if applicable (note: price increase to $70/credit)
    • Submit W9 through the CU Vendor system (instructions in your binder - do this AFTER you receive an online invitation to submit a W9)

  • Login to CU Guest internet, no password.
    • Take the pre-training survey

2015 Summer Institute Scholar Photo Directory

2015 Project Teachers

Daily Scholar Reflections

  • Every Scholar will submit twice-daily reflections on what they learn during the workshop. Reflection forms are found on the individual agendas below.
  • Frequent reflection helps you remember key points of content taught each half day, provide a way to see other Scholar's experiences and thoughts, and allow the research team to assess how Scholars are acquiring and understanding (or not acquiring and understanding) information.
  • Twice-daily reflections are required and graded for those purchasing CU Graduate Credits.

Workshop Sessions

  • We have multiple simultaneous sessions running in different rooms each day.
  • Your session's main room is indicated below.
  • Both the online Agenda and hardcopy Agenda in your binder includes information when you move rooms.

2D Game Design for First Time Scholars

Link to Agenda June 8 to June 11, 8:00/8:30 - 5:30 June 10 dinner 6:00 Main Meeting Room MCDB A120 (2 buildings from ATLAS)

RSVP Open Creation Lab

Link to Agenda June 12, 8:30 - 5:00 Main Meeting Room ATLAS 1B29, 1B25, 229, 100 by interest group

PILOT 3D Beginner Game Design

Link to Agenda June 8 to June 11, 8:0/8:30 - 5:30 June 10 dinner 6:00 Main Meeting Room ATLAS 1B29 (basement)

3D Game Design for Returning Scholars (Intermediate)

Link to Agenda June 8 to June 10, 8:00/8:30 - 5:30, June 10 6:00 Dinner (RSVP only) Main Meeting Room ATLAS 1B31 (basement)

Simulation Design for Returning Scholars (Advanced)

Link to Agenda June 10 6:00 Dinner, June 11 to June 13, 8:30 - 5:30 Main Meeting Room ATLAS 1B31 (basement)