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Century Middle School

Tech Ed
2013-2014 Classes: Tech 6, Tech 7, and Tech 8

Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Thornton, Colorado

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will use the game design to inspire my students to be creative and a problem solver.

Project Journal: 2013

Day 1, Monday:

The introduction to Frogger was very quickly paced. I experienced some technical difficulties.

Day 2, Tuesday:

I love the journey game. The exercise of pedagogy was a great reminder to be very systematic when providing direct instruction to students with a variety of skill levels and learning styles. It was nice to feel successful and a few more pieces fell into place, especially after the evening presentation. The introduction to simulations helped me see how students can use Agent Sheets across the curriculum.

Day 3, Wednesday:

I found these two videos to represent Conceptual Thinking:

Example of Collision - "Frogger gone wrong" Start at :14-:24 (This is a long video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmuWgjbnNV0

Example of Pull and Transport http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKE512HTMoM

The time spent on debugging was very helpful. It was nice to talk out my issues with an expert. I believe that debugging will be the one aspect that I assist my students with most of the time.

Day 4, Thursday:

It was very exciting to start from scratch and tackle a really predator and prey idea and approach as if I was a student in my class. I worked through the planning process and was careful to add a rule and then run a test at each point.

Day 5, Friday:

I am excited to have worked through several of the Conceptual Thinking Patterns. I continued to work on my simulation from yesterday. I was able to add some important features. I am feeling much more comfortable about incorporating Agent Sheets into my curriculum.

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