Troubleshooting: Super frog win error

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 The following material relates to the AgentCubes Online environment 


Open the simulation for this example in edit mode

Run the simulation. Move the Frog onto the Power_up agent to transform it into a Super_frog agent. Then move the Super_frog agent to the goal to win.

What happens? Why? What change is required to make this work?

Frogger game dialog Frogger game

More Information

Analysis and suggested solution
In the Super_frog behavior, there is a method to handle the winning situation. A cursory review of the behavior may not reveal the source of the problem: misspelling!

Super frog win error with a misspelling of the method win_0

As indicated in the image, both win_0 and win_o exist as names for method. Most likely, the designer created one name in either the message action or in creating a new method. Then, rather than select that name in the corresponding method or message, the designer created a second name, but slightly misspelled it. Spelling counts! The solution is to choose one of those names for both the message and the method:

Super frog win error with the spelling fixed for the method win_0

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