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FAQ Index

A compilation of Frequently Asked Questions for AgentCubes Online (AC-O), AgentCubes Desktop (AC-D), and AgentSheets (AS) software suites. Included are helpful resources on teaching strategies, software setup, and troubleshooting.

See FAQ Index

Meet and Workshop Archives

Check out some of our partner events, where we build with other industry professionals and teachers who have learned how to successfully integrate Computational Thinking Patterns into their classrooms.

See our Meet Archive, and feel free to visit us at one of our SGD Workshops

News Archive

Past Events and Conferences

Spotlight Archive

All spotlight-worthy events to showcase the upsurge of computer science and Computational Thinking Patterns in the classroom. Teaching students to solve problems and how to code has never been easier.

See our Spotlight Archive, and be sure to check out SGD's continued presence in CSEdWeek's Hour of Code!


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