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Links for the 2017 Summer Institute

Featured Projects


Musical Bubble Sort

Disco eancer

Diffusion and hill-climbing across layers

Construction Project - Fixed perimeter with variable area

Health meter demonstration

Computational musical thinking - Mozart's random dice

Animation based on 'Pixels' film

Qbert game

Shooting arrows in four directions

Circuit board and chips

Game ending control without a controller agent

Multi-layer centipede

The Sims

The complete set of AgentCubes Desktop demonstration projects uploaded to AgentCubes Online


Library Example

Hand Tool demonstration (Monty Hall many doors project)

New programming topics list

Undocumented action: truncate -- converts floating point (decimal) to integer (floor or least integer function)

Examples of Counters, Clocks, Timers, and Health Bars

counters, clocks, timers, health bars




Tips, Techniques, Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Tips and Techniques

Additional troubleshooting and debugging tips and techniques

Learn_AgentCubes_Online_Troubleshooting - Wiki

PacMan Debugging Challenges PPT

Scripting and Perceive-Act Computational Thinking Patterns

Why we use these CTPs

  * Precise control of a model
  * Synchronization of two-step processes

Scripting examples

Space Invaders - Scripting between mother_ship and invader

Bouncing Balls (mode control of scripting vs. While Running)

Perceive-Act examples

Contagion without perceive-act example project

Contagion with perceive-act example project

Forest Fire with mode control for perceive-act (@mode=0 -- peceive-act, @mode=1 -- while running control

Contagion without perceive-act

Contagion with perceive-act

Multiple Lives

While Running, Teleport

Separate method, Teleport

Multiple Levels

No teleport before switch

Teleport before switch

Hill-Climbing Modes and Diffusion

8-way does not work properly in AC-O; however, can implement manually

Hill-climbing avoidance vs. attraction example project

Hill-climbing avoidance vs. attraction example project

Diffusion: the average of cells is simplification when diffusion coefficient = 0.25

Maze automatic solution example project

Journey_with_AI_avoidance example project

Ant Foraging_wiki_mod example project

10-rule predator-prey with initialization example project

Pred_Prey_Sim_Stage_3 example project

PacMan_Test_hill-climb example project

Manual hill climb coding using ">=" comparator results in ghosts climbing walls example project

Manual hill climb coding using ">" comparator results in ghosts do not climb walls example project

Use of the hill-climb action example project

Diffusion formulas

t + @D*((t[up]-t) + (t[down]-t) + (t[left]-t) + (t[right]-t))


t + @D*(t[up] + t[down] + t[left] + t[right]- 4*t)

s + @D*(s[up] + s[down] + s[left] + s[right]- 4*s)

p + @D*(p[up] + p[down] + p[left] + p[right]- 4*p)

r + @D*(r[up] + r[down] + r[left] + r[right]- 4*r)

h + @D*(h[up] + h[down] + h[left] + h[right]- 4*h)

Simplified formulas







Animations (once-every vs. wait)

Delayed-message vs. wait

Simulation Properties and Agent Attributes

PowerPoint presentation file history

PowerPoint Slides file

Experiments with Variables AgentCubes Project

Advanced Contagion AgentCubes Project

Agent Attributes and Agent Query Functions Table

Example use of Truncate function


Basic color mapping example project

Ant foraging example project

Using set RGBA example project

Avalanche - colorizing stress example project

Demo of alpha (transparency) example project

Roomba simulator example project

Bubble sort example project

Plotting surfaces

Diffusion_demonstration example project

Potting surface example project

Making waves modified AgentCubes demonstration project

Plotting, exporting, graphing Data

Predator-Prey (BPH)-- interim stability points with eventual plateau example project

Paper-Stone-Scissors -- probability plot plateau example project

Linear vs. proportional (exponential) growth (limited) plateau example project

Brownian motion - diffusion plateau example project

exponential growth -- initially unrestrained plateau example project

Uniform probability -- 4 direction motion plateau example project

Counting agents within a region example project

Layer construction - automatic generation

Complex single layer construction

Complex multi-layer construction example #1

Automatic layer construction; complex multi-layer construction example #2

Advanced Pull Computational Thinking Pattern

Example of Pull CTP - 'Snake'

First Person Navigation

Journey--Omni-directional ice arrows example project

birds-eye vs 1st person view switching in multi-layer world example project

Maze automatic solution example project

fred_flight simulator example project

Other Advanced features

Teleport_and_print_coordinates (move and teleport among layers) example project

Movement between layers; push-pull example project

Teleport between layers example project

Maze challenge (Maze automatic solution) example project

Reloading world without resetting simulation properties (Forest Fire Scripted)

Coordinate references in attributes (tic_tac_toe)

Coordinates in three dimensions -- mapping to one dimension (3D tic-tac-toe)

Simplest/shortest project -- one instruction -- 15 puzzle

Other Topics

Puzzles file - PDF view

Puzzle Solutions - PDF view

Cloning: making a copy - clone - of another project

Concept of a "library" project: one which has basic tools (e.g., clocks, counters, first person methods, etc.). Clone that project and rename it as the starting point for a new project. Remove un-needed elements.

Report Generation (must open (make visible) the rules of methods for visibility in the report)