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This is a tutorial to explain how to submit your project to the New Scalable Game Design Arcade 

Preparing files for submission in AgentSheets

AgentSheet Ver. 3.0 can archive your project folder, applet folder and screen dump with one click (It converts your project to Java applet too) and creates a single, which you need to submit to the Arcade.

Select the Submit to Arcade... menu option under the File Menu, to archive your project folder, applet folder, and screen dump. Please make sure at least one worksheet is open in your project.

Arcade Format.png 

You will find '(Your Project Name)' file on your desktop. 

  • The system will ask you to submit your project to the Arcade. If you choose to submit, it will automatically take you to the arcade login page. Alternatively, you can go to the Scalable Game Design Arcade yourself at a later time. Log in with your ID and Password.

Arcade Submit.png

Submitting files to the Arcade

There are two different ways of project submission depending on the login information you have. Read the sections below, and find the right submission steps for you.

  • Account was created for you: use this option when your account was given to you by your teacher or the Scalable Game Design team. This option is for accounts that have automatically been enrolled in specific classes.
  • Account was created by you: use this option when you created your own Arcade account. You will need to enroll in classes yourself using an enrollment key that your teacher can provide.

Account was created for you

If you have received your account from your teacher 

1) Log in with your account and password
 Arcade login.png

 Click "Submit your project" link inside the Navigation box on your left column

2) Choose "Arcade Type": Open Arcade for free submission. Class for school assignment. 

3) If you select "Class" for your location, then "Project selection" list will be shown. 

   Choose the right submissio entry to which you want to submit. 

If you want to submit your project to Open Arcade, then select "Open Arcade".  
   The Open Arcade can be used for extra student projects and/or students who does not have parents permission forms.

4) Type your project title and project description, and browse and select your arcade format file to upload.

Then you can submit your project by hitting "Save" button in the bottom of the page. 


5) Once your submission is processed, you will see a Submission Confirm message like below.