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The Denver Post invites you to design a 61,500 sq. ft. hedge maze inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining (1980) for the historic Stanley Hotel in Colorado. The Maze will serve as an homage to the film, which was itself inspired by author Stephen King’s experience at The Stanley Hotel. It also will commemorate the 20 year anniversary of the current ownership of the hotel, which began May 1st, 1994. The Stanley Hotel public Hedge Maze Design Contest is has a very specific shape with fixed entry and exit points. The Denver Post challenge, in contrast, allows you to build a more a interesting and larger maze only constrained by your own imagination.

Walk the Maze

Sample maze.png

Walk trough the maze to find the gold coin. Avoid the Grady twins. If they catch you it is game over and you start again.

Play the game button.png

Keyboard Controls:

  • Cursor Keys: turn left, right; move forward and backward
  • "c" key: for camera control: switch to bird's eye mode. Press again to switch back to first person mode. Please use only as cheat when you are completely lost.
  • "d" key: delete all walls
  • "m" key: grow a new maze. Press multiple times to make a more dense maze but pay attention to see if there still is a path to the gold coin from where you are. For best results you may want to switch to birds eye camera to see what kind of maze you are growing.


  • To match the total size of the maze you should create a new world with dimensions of 22 rows and 40 columns
  • draw a maze only or make it interactive. Here are some suggestions:
    • minimally: just draw a fun maze using cubes as the walls and tiles for the floor
    • make it walkable by adding a person that, ideally, can be controlled in first person view to walk through the maze
    • make the maze reconfigurable, for instance, when you step onto a floor tile a door may open or close
    • turn it into a game
  • submit your maze/game and call it "stanley maze" so that we can find it
  • we will keep collecting mazes until the end of January. The Denver Post may feature them but we cannot guarantee this.
  • start making your maze here (you only need the first part of the movie for instructions)

Create your game button.png

Make your own Maze

You can look at the code behind this Maze to find out:

  • how to write simple IF/THEN rules to control characters (use "show video" to get instructions on how to build a game in AgentCubes)
  • write rules to grow a maze
  • control light sources as clues for players to find their way in a maze
  • You can clone this project and make your own version.

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