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Sokoban is a simple to implement game with potentially highly complex game levels.

Minimal: 100 points

  • Cursor controlled agent pushing boxes
  • at least two targets
  • Pusher may never step onto box
  • Box should not jump away from pusher
  • Working game over detection, i.e., all the target are covered with a box: win message or load next level
  • No hardwiring, no counter computational thinking pattern: polling
  • 1 level

Extra: up to 20 points

  • more than one level
  • counter counting number of moves
  • Additional levels: mention in description when levels are original
  • game lost detection (simple: box in corner ... solution impossible - in general NP complete)
  • Extended game concept: describe if present
  • Original game art

Extra (mission nearly impossible): 1000 points

  • Sokoban can solve itself. Hint: collaborative diffusion