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Frogger   Frogger-like game Journey   Journey game PacMan   PacMan-like game Sokoban   Sokoban game
Frogger Part I

Frogger Part II

Frogger Pictorial Tutorial

Grading Rubric

Journey Part I

Journey Part II

Journey Part III

Pacman Instructions

Pacman Step by Step

Sokoban Part I

Sokoban Part II

Contagion   Contagion simulation Forest Fire   Forest Fire simulation Other Simulations   Sims-like simulation  
Contagion Tutorial Forest Fire Tutorial Stem Simulations

Sims-Like Game



New to Scalable Game Design? Teacher Resources  
Try Out AgentSheets

Try Out AgentCubes


Ways to get involved:

Teachers as Research Partners

More information coming soon for

  • Teachers not participating in research
  • Schools and districts
How to Download and Install Research Software

For new and returning teachers using the AgentCubes Online site

ISTE Standards Mapping

Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

Spanish Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

Moving from Games to Simulations

CTP Posters


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CU Summer Institute

St. Louis Summer Institute

CU Summer Institute

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Summer Institute



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Research Presentations

Research Publications

SGD in the News

Recent Events and Conferences

Research Overview

State of Project Impact

Summary Project years 1 to 3

Results Project Years 1 to 3

Press Room

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What is Scalable Game Design

SGD Project Impact


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