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KITES, Inc Founder. Smyrna, Georgia

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I plan to teach AgentSheets this summer, summer 2011 to the children at the Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Project Journal

<youtube v="GTteJTKX-6w"/>
This video shows a sequence of patterns: transportation, absorption,collision and diffusion.

<youtube v="-kb4XIFSwOU" />
This video shows transportation

<youtube v="_-j0fbmLnJA" />

This video shows a series of patterns: absorption, collision and transportation
Week 1, Tuesday:

Week 1, Wednesday:

Week 1, Thursday: I think the older kids will really enjoy designing Pacman game. This game is ideal for middle school students.

Week 1, Friday:

Week 2, Monday:

Week 2, Tuesday:

Week 2, Wednesday:

Week 2, Thursday:

Week 2, Friday:

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