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How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will...

Project Journal

Week 1, Tuesday: We made the Frogger game. in the process we learned about:

  Generation and absorption
     things such as cars, turtles and logs need to be spawned
     at random, and they need to erase when they get to the 
     end of the screen.
     When the frog hits or gets hit by a car it needs to die
     The frog needs to be carried when it is on the back of 
     the turtles and logs 

Week 1, Wednesday: Made Sokoban, this game illustrates

     The crates cant move themselves
     Things can't move through walls
  We also used a process called pulling
     the game master asks the crates or targets if there are
     any left

Week 1, Thursday: Packman demonstrates:

     the dots/pellets
     packman is described as being smelly
     The ghosts are attracted to packmans sent

Week 1, Friday:

Week 2, Monday:

Week 2, Tuesday:

Week 2, Wednesday:

Week 2, Thursday:

Week 2, Friday:

Videos Depicting a computational thinking pattern

<youtube v="EY9RIgiuJqc" /> depicting generation

<youtube v="zsTRxXvQY0s" /> depicts generation and diffusion

<youtube v="V1KNNmDGWY8" /> depicts hill Climbing and diffusion of a sent

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