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Computer Science Department Chair, Grades 6-12, Advanced Math & Science Academy, Marlborough, MA

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

We will implement Scalable Game Design in the Middle School Computer Science curriculum as one unit. Our plan is to create an interdisciplinary unit including Math and Science Teachers with a goal to continue to create more STEM based unified units that encompass, all three disciplines.

Project Journal

Day 1, Monday: We talked about how students learn and discussed the notion of flow, Zone of Proximal Flow and Development. We were introduced to Scalable Game Design and Brian shared with us how his 4th grade after school students performed using Agent Sheets. In addition, we learned that Agent Sheets is being used at all levels from 4th through College to develop Computational Thinking skills. We also discussed the development of surveys and assessment to measure the success of using Agent Sheets and developing students ability to think Computationally.

Day 2, Tuesday:

Day 3, Wednesday:

Day 4, Thursday:

Day 5, Friday:

Day 6, Saturday:

Day 7, Sunday:

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