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Computer Science Teacher
Middle School
Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School
Marlborough, MA

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will be including it as a unit in our middle school cirriculum (6th and/or 7th grade). I first have to plan this out with my fellow teachers (other science and computer teachers at the school.)

Project Journal

Day 1, Monday: Introduction to computational thinking, zone of proximal development, notion of flow. Then we moved on to introducing the AgentSheets applications. Finally, we created the Frogger project, using agents, depictions and behaviors. At the end, we submitted out project to the Arcade and created our wiki pages.

Day 2, Tuesday:

Day 3, Wednesday:

Day 4, Thursday:

Day 5, Friday:

Day 6, Saturday:

Day 7, Sunday:

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