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7th and 8th Grade Math and Science, Quest Academy, Dacono, CO Ft. Lupton School District

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will work in conjunction with the students as we explore the rules that govern certain games. We will discuss, create, test, reevaluate, and rebuild games such as Frogger, Sokoban, and Pac-Man.

Project Journal

Week 1, Tuesday: Frogger Game

Week 1, Wednesday: Sokoban Game

Week 1, Thursday: PacMan Game

Week 1, Friday: Debugging

Week 2, Monday: Forest Fire Simulation

Week 2, Tuesday: Conversational Programming

Week 2, Wednesday: Create your own simulation: Prarie Dogs Vs. Coyotes.

Week 2, Thursday: Pedagogical styles of learning. Tutorials.

Week 2, Friday:

Contact Information

  • [pflaumja@hotmail.com Email]