Frogger requirements

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Frogger is a classic 1980 style arcade game.

Minimal: 100 points

  • Cursor controlled frog
  • Trucks moving on road continuously (left to right), hint: use Generate and Absorb pattern (e.g., tunnel producing trucks)
  • Frogs will die when hit by truck. They turn into a dead frog (splat) that will disappear after a short while
  • River with floating logs and turtles floating in opposite directions
  • Frog cannot swim and dies when on top water
  • logs and turtles Transport frog
  • when frog arrives on Grotto is game is won

Extra: up to 50 points

  • multiple frog lives (hint: use generator agent, e.g., leave, and broadcast message)
  • variable length logs: beginning piece + random middle piece + end piece (hint: Choreography pattern)
  • multiple frogger levels (hint: use switch to worksheet action)
  • nice, original artwork
  • your own idea