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Hour of Code: Make a 3D Game (beta version)

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Start Making Your 3D Game

The 2D Frogger design has been temporarily moved to a different place.

Create your own 3D Game is an activity suited for complete beginners with no programming or modeling background. Use AgentCubes online, the world's first 3D web-based programming and modeling tool, to:

  1. create 3D shapes
  2. create 3D worlds
  3. program your worlds.
  4. create your own game or simulation

In one hour you will learn how to create the beginning of a 3D Frogger game which you can share with your friends. See some example 3D Frogger games. You don't have to build a 3D Frogger game. Create any game! Make a simple game or a super sophisticated one including 3D layers, and multiple levels.

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Start Making Your 3D Game


  • Educational value: the complete tutorial includes the collision, transport, generation and absorption computational thinking patterns which have been demonstrated to be effective learning concepts for students and teachers.
  • Instruction: self-directed; there is a training video
  • Level: suitable for complete beginners. The Frogger activity has been tested with over 10,000 subjects as part of an NSF funded study. Most students are middle schools students, some students were elementary school students. The majority of students had no background in programming but was able to create a complete games.
  • Time: Level 1 and Level 2 combined take about an hour.
  • There is no signup
  • Installation: the activity is browser based and works on all major browsers including Internet Explorer. However, Google Chrome is recommended.
  • Platforms: The activity works on desktop computers, laptops, Google Chromebooks and even on HTML5 WebGL enabled tablets.
  • Languages: English only
  • Promotes diversity in participation: We have data to show this from over 10,000 subjects (45% girls, 55% boys).


You are a frog. Your task is simple: hop across a busy highway, dodging cars and trucks, until you get the to the edge of a river, where you must keep yourself from drowning by crossing safely to your grotto at the top of the screen by leaping across the backs of turtles and logs. But watch out for snakes and alligators! (Sega, 1980).

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Start Making Your 3D Game

AgentCubes Online (beta) brought to you free for Hour of Code. AgentCubes Online will be available in the marketplace in 2014.

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