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Ecoli Animation.gif

This simulation is a model of how E.coli bacteria interact with glucose in microgravity created by scientists working with NASA. This experiment was in the payload of the shuttle which took John Glenn in space in his recent mission. The products of this fermentation process are very important for pharmaceutical research and production. The scientists used the AgentSheets simulation as a way to visualize the experiments and communicate their ideas and theories to colleagues. It also enabled them to present their ideas in papers on the subject.


  • Science


  • Open the "Simulation Grounds" worksheet in AgentSheets or in the Java Applet and run it.
  • Toggle gravity on and off. What do you observe?
    • Use the Hand tool on the + agents to the left of the container to turn gravity on.
    • Use the Hand tool again on the red arrows to turn the gravity off.
  • Add more E.coli bacteria or glucose.
  • Create your own containers.


ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)

  • Creativity and Innovation:
    • use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues

National Science Education Standards (NSTA Standards)

  • Science and Technology Standards
    • Understandings about science and technology
    • Abilities of technological design
  • Content Standards: Physical Science
    • Chemical reactions


Relevant Publications

Klaus, D.M.. Microgravity and its Implication for Fermentation Technology. Trends in Biotechnology. 16(9): 369-373, 1998