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Science and Math Department Head, [Early College of Arvada]

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I plan on introducing scalable design in most of my classes as soon as possible. I see the idea of games and virtual reality as the future of education. In order to achieve those levels, it is necessary that we create the future's designers beginning now. I am particularly excited to use the game design aspects in my chemistry and physics courses in high school, as well as middle school courses such as earth science. 

Project Journal

Day 1, Monday: Monday was all about Frogger and learning to utilize Agent Sheets. I am still particularly amused that the "Agent" looks much like the illustrious programmer. I also took it upon myself to go in and redesign many of my original depictions from the day. I am excited to learn more. 

Day 2, Tuesday: Today was very very busy. This morning I felt pretty good about the programming information. Then, this afternoon we began using subroutines and callouts, called "methods" in this program. This is always where I have began to struggle with programming. To help, I asked several people to help me diagram the process. They showed me the diagrams online in the Wiki, and then I diagrammed myself. In the end, I was one of the first to successfully complete my "Fun House/Sokoban" game and used some time to finish my recreated frogger/Dr. Who game. I also used some of the time to help Dave, which truthfully was extremely helpful for me. More proof of "peer teaching" being a highly effective method.

Day 3, Wednesday: I am not sure if I accomplished much during this day. We did get an opportunity to think about different forms of pedagogy and ways to implement the programming.

Day 4, Thursday: Wow, this was a busy day. I do think it was exactly what I needed at that time. Previously, I was unsure of how to actually use the program in my classroom lessons. Now I am better equipped. We got to learn about how the program can model particles and how it can also model contagion.

June 13th, 2013 I came to the workshop today as a student/helper. It was nice to realize how much of the ideas/concepts came back to me as we went on. I am glad to have an opportunity to use more simulations in the workshop, as I feel that's where I was weak after last year's marathon session. Two more days, and more brain-power!

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