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== Blevins Middle School

Blevins Middle School


How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will...

Project Journal: 2013

Day 1, Monday: We completed our first game, Frogger. I hope to introduce the Agent Sheets software to students in the fall. I will begin with my daily class of 20 kids "computer club" since I'll want to start slowly and if all goes well, I'll be ,more confident taking more kids to the software. I got a brief look at Agent Cubes and it looks really exciting. Concerns for the future... I don't see my district paying for software since we have been using GameMaker (Yoyogames.com) and Kodu (Microsoft.com) for free.

Day 2, Tuesday:

Day 3, Wednesday:

Day 4, Thursday:

Day 5, Friday:

Day 6, Saturday:

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