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Danny.png Mr Danny Jaques always has a smile!


Ignacio Junior High School

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

  • I am the Chief Space Cadet at Ignacio Junior High. Have rocket; will travel! I teach science, geography, and robotics. My school phone is (970)563-0600 x 253. email: djaques@ignacio.k12.co.us
  • Ignacio Space Outpost, Ignacio JHS, Ignacio, Colorado, Southern Ute Indian Reservation. "On To Mars!"
  • The scalable game design will be implemented as part of an elective class of robotics. The class will be called: Computer Gaming and Robotics. The target is 7th and 8th grade students.

Lesson Plans

Original Frogger lessons are good to start out because there will be some issues which I have not thought about. I will need to go through one cycle of frogger and evaluate. My gut feeling is my students will take little longer to build the games. Therefore, I should get through three games in the four week program

Project Journal

  • Day 1289: Fourth year in space. I have just past the planet Uranus. Its deep blue color is surreal. The scooters scamper around the planet at nearly 2500 kilometers per hour. Simply amazing! I have just eaten my last Twinkie and I am savoring each bite. I just barely finished my Frogger game which I started four years ago. I hope Alex has been patient. I wanted to take one last look at our solar system before I went back into cryogenic time suspension. Next stop Alpha Centuari. I will figure out how to complete my Sokoban game while I sleep.