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AgentCubes and CSEdWeek, December 8-14, 2014

AgentCubes is part of Computer Science Education Week for the second time! The Scalable Game Design Project team from the University of Colorado at Boulder invites you and your students to participate.
AgentCubes Online CSEdWeek activity is easy! In as little as one hour, your students will code, play, and share their games with children from around the world, all guided by the interactive instructional video. Students get started right away following the video's step-by-step directions, creating their own unique characters and game world. Then the real fun starts, as students begin programming the actions and behaviors of their characters. Materials available for preparation and implementation include an activity planning guide for teachers and a printable tutorial.

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In the one hour AgentCubes activity, every child age 10 and up can create a 3D “Frogger” game, even without any prior 3D programming experience. Teachers require minimal preparation before using the activity in class.

Following a clear video tutorial, students start programming in the first 2 minutes. The amount of the game children can create will depend on how fast they master each step. Projects can be saved so that interested students can continue to create more complex games. This AgentCubes activity is fun and engaging, and your students will learn how to program while acquiring core skills such as analytical thinking and creative ways of solving problems. They will transition from being passive software consumers to active, creative, and critical users of modern computer technology.

Overall, Computer Science Education Week is primarily aimed at teachers and students without any prior programming experience. Be a pioneer by diving for a short time into the fascinating and exciting world of computer science and programming, exploring in a playful, fun, and easy way. This event takes place online, is open to all, and allows your students try out programming projects in your classroom and at home all week long (and beyond). AgentCubes Online activity will guide you and your students on an adventure into the world of programming, in English, Spanish, French, and German!

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Use our interactive teaching video

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Spanish version      German version

You say that you don’t have any computer science or programming skills? Wonderful! Because you are exactly the kind of person we want to especially encourage to join.

With our interactive learning video and the help of our teaching tutorial, you will quickly learn the basics and you will be able to introduce programming to your class.

The video explains exactly how to design and program a 3D “Frogger” game. It is designed to be used by watching, then doing. To allow students ample time to program each step, the video can be paused at any time and sequences can be repeated. This feature allows students to build games at their own pace. Individual student ability and pace of work determines how far they get in building the game. This activity keeps the highest ability students as engaged as well as students who may be struggling academically. Every student can have a positive coding experience with AgentCubes activity!

If your goal is for all students to program a complete game, we recommend that you view this video in stages with your class. For creating a fully developed game with all the characters and behaviors, you will need about 4-6 lessons, depending on class size and the age of the students but if you only have 1 lesson that will be fine as well. The students could keep working on their games later or at home.

The program was developed by Scalable Game Design, the largest middle school computer science research project funded by the National Science Foundation. The project promotes computer science education, and is already successfully used in several hundred schools. The AgentCubes software has widely been tested and has been received with enthusiasm throughout the world.

Create 3D objects and worlds, program them and share them with your friends

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Simply watch the video for a short while and begin to create a 3D Frogger game, or any other game you would like to build. The interactive table of contents allows you to skip to relevant topics.

  1. Create 3D Objects: Draw 2D images and turn them into amazing 3D shapes.
  2. Create 3D Worlds: Assemble the shapes you just built into exciting worlds.
  3. Rule your World: Bring your world to life by programming using simple drag and drop rules.
  4. Share the world with your friends: Click the "submit your game" (up, right in the programming environment) to send yourself a link to your game. With this link you can continue working on the game or share it with friends through email or Facebook. You even receive a Programming Certificate with your name.


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You will be amazed at the enthusiasm and motivation of children who build and program a simple computer game like “Frogger”. Give your students the chance to experience an hour of this playful programming experience. Get involved—it’s easy! If you have questions, want more materials, or generally need assistance, please contact us directly. We are here for you!

  • Contact us by email
  • For urgent issues during CSEdWeek you can also reach us by phone at 303-530-1773.

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Resources and support

How to find saved projects

Anyone who provides an email address when submitting a project will receive a link to continue working on the game, along with a certificate of completion. This link is the same one that appears in the browser's address bar while students are initially creating the game, so it can also be saved directly. You and your students may want to note the project number in the URL, which has the form Having this number available can make it easier to use the Project Finder Tool. This tool will find any games that were saved by individuals at the location from which the project finder page is accessed (based on IP address matching).


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