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Job Title, Location 4th Grade Teacher Aspen Creek K-8 Broomfield, CO

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will...use this to challenge computational thinking of Talented and Gifted students in my classroom.

Youtube Videos of CTP

Absorbtion (later you see transportation) <youtube v="x4MCu8Cv7WI"/>

Collision <youtube v="qpqUUo_zZEU"/>

Generate <youtube v="ifcQolTaSrc"/>

Project Journal

Week 1, Tuesday: Awesome class...I even worked through the break times. What a nerd! I now have a sweet Frogger game to show for it though and think this will be the perfect challenge for my 4th grade TAG kiddos.

Week 1, Wednesday: Today stepped it up a notch or six. Dealing with variables is still confusing to me but I was able to get my Sokoban game totally working and it is solvable now! Finally! will never get to see it. As I was uploading it to the arcade everything disappeared...including various files from my desktop that had nothing to do with AgentSheets. Totally bummed now after all that hard work. Hope it doesn't happen again. :(

Week 1, Thursday:

Week 1, Friday:

Week 2, Monday:

Week 2, Tuesday:

Week 2, Wednesday:

Week 2, Thursday:

Week 2, Friday:

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