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Lesson Plan Documentation

What is your objective?
Students will be able to plan, create, explain and debug their own game utilizing Computational Thinking Patterns. Students will demonstrate competency through teacher observation, peer reflection, reflection logs, final game production, and quizzes.

What standards will you meet as part of this lesson? ISTE, NGSS, Common Core, etc... Think Computer Science, Math, Literacy, etc
I will be using the ISTE and California Common Core Technology Standards.

What game will you teach first?

What grade(s) will you teach?
Seventh and Eighth

How often do you meet with your class? How many total class periods?
Each semester, I will meet with 4 classes for 55 minutes daily.

How many students will you teach?
This instruction will affect 280 students a year.

What will the layout of classes look like? For example, Class 1: I will introduce the program, teach class rules, etc. Class 2: Frogger Part I
Week 1: Sandbox games aka Bob games to introduce basic tools, Agent Sheet windows and palettes, and CTP's Collision, Absorption and Generate

Week 2: Daily mini-lessons on Agent sheets, introduction to Frogger and starting student game production of Frogger

Week 3: Debugging mini-lessons, Frogger game completion, game challenges and reflection log

Each game will build CTP's using the same basic plan. At the culminating project will be the completion an individual game design process--planning, creation, peer editing and reflection, debugging, reflection log with the optional participation in the Game Night.

What support materials will you need/use? (Consider curricula materials, technology resources, etc)
I will need to compile a resource folder holding Advanced CTP guides, video tutorials for each game, student tutorials for each game, debugging strategies and tips. All documents need to be accessible offline. Each student needs to be able to access a cloud storage to safely store their projects, design plans and supporting documents. Posters and other visual aids need to be created and posted.

All wiki links need to be cleared from our internet filter and all software downloaded onto student computers.

How will you integrate it into your existing curriculum? For example, will it replace current lessons, will you swap an existing lesson for a SGD lesson?

SGD will replace existing curriculum for a semester long elective.

When do you plan to teach this unit for the first time?

Fall 2014