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Lesson Plan Documentation

What is your objective? The objective of this unit to introduce students to the concepts of Computational Thinking Patterns in order to become better problem solvers and critical thinkers. Students will create a game using Agent Sheets that demonstrates evidence of agent creation, multiple agent behaviors, design processing, game objectives and instructions on how to play the game.

What standards will you meet as part of this lesson? ISTE, NGSS, Common Core, etc... Think Computer Science, Math, Literacy, etc

ISTE Standard 1 Creativity and Innovation. ISTE Standard 2 Communication and Collaboration. ISTE Standard 4 Critical thinking and problem solving.

What game will you teach first? During this unit I will begin with an exploration of agents and behaviors by allowing students to explore the Agent Sheets program with guided instruction and have them program a BOB game. Next, I will teach the Frogger game to students using direct instruction followed by a guided discovery type of format.

What grade(s) will you teach? I will be teaching this unit to 8th grade students.

How often do you meet with your class? How many total class periods? The class meets 5 days a week for 52 minutes each day. I plan to spend approximately 2 weeks on this unit.

How many students will you teach? I will be teaching approximately 30 students each quarter for a total of 120 students during the school year.

What will the layout of classes look like? For example, Class 1: I will introduce the program, teach class rules, etc. Class 2: Frogger Part I Class 1: Introduce game design by having students visit the arcade and have them play some of the games. Class 2: Identify and discuss objects (agents) and behaviors. Begin to create a Bob program. Class 3: Begin Frogger game. Students play the game and identify agents and behaviors. Create agents. Class 4: Direct instruction - demonstrate and discuss how students can create tunnels, generate trucks, absorb trucks, and have trucks move along road. Students implement the truck behaviors and tunnel behavior. Class 5: Review behaviors of truck and have students begin to create behaviors for logs and turtles independently. Class 6: Students continue work on behaviors for generation of logs and turtles and absorption. Class 7: Students finish behaviors for logs turtles and begin to develop end of game behaviors. Class 8: Students begin to complete game. Advanced students move on to extended activities. Class 9: Students complete game and upload to arcade. Students play each other's games and provide constructive feedback. Class 10: Students complete post survey. Class

What support materials will you need/use? (Consider curricula materials, technology resources, etc) SGD Wiki SGD Information Packet workbook. Computer Lab

How will you integrate it into your existing curriculum? For example, will it replace current lessons, will you swap an existing lesson for a SGD lesson? I will use Agent Sheets in place of Scratch game programming project.

When do you plan to teach this unit for the first time?

I will teach this unit at the end of each quarter. For the first quarter this will likely be at the end of September.