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Lesson Plan Documentation

What is your objective?

It is my objective to create a lesson that will add to my robotics programs understanding of the process of creating a program. I will have students use this as a way of becoming familiar and comfortable with a state of mind that is needed in progrmaming software or robots.

What standards will you meet as part of this lesson? ISTE, NGSS, Common Core, etc... Think Computer Science, Math, Literacy, etc

What game will you teach first? I will be teaching Frogger.

What grade(s) will you teach? I will be teaching Grades 6-8.

How often do you meet with your class? How many total class periods?

I will be meeting with my class 2 times a week for an hour and a half.

How many students will you teach?

On average I will have 10 students in my robotics class.

What will the layout of classes look like? For example, Class 1: I will introduce the program, teach class rules, etc. Class 2: Frogger Part I

Class 1 will go over rules and expectations as well as show what the robotics program does. Class 2 will cover basic robotics construction. Class 3 will begin work on programming. the next 5 classes will be dedicated to programming using Agent Sheets as well as the Mind storm program. I will spend the majority of the time teaching students how to create the Frogger video game. The last 2 weeks will be dedicated to students creating a robot and accomplishing an obstacle course and accomplishing several tasks.

What support materials will you need/use? (Consider curricula materials, technology resources, etc) I will be attempting to use either a computer lab or gain the use several laptops for the program. I will also need the use of 3 V3 Mindstorm Robots. For the programming portion of the class I will need the use copies, instructions, and General teaching resources.

How will you integrate it into your existing curriculum? For example, will it replace current lessons, will you swap an existing lesson for a SGD lesson? I will be adding this aspect of Agent Sheets to my program as a first time implementation because this is only the second time I will have taught this course. This will be easy to add and will add to the success of my program.

When do you plan to teach this unit for the first time? I will be staring this program during the first 9 weeks of my school years Compass program.