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4th Grade, Aspen Creek K-8, Broomfield, CO

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will... try to get some students to create a Frogger game!

Project Journal

Week 1, Tuesday: Fun Class! Created a Frogger game! Learned a lot about computational thinking.

Week 1, Wednesday: Sokoban was a little bit harder and more complicated. Got my guy to move all of the boxes onto the targets. Still working on counting steps. Scared about Space Invaders and Pac-Man. :)

Got the step counting for Sokoban!

Week 1, Thursday: Wow! Pac Man is awesome! I love the animation I made for the way he dies. I made it so the ghosts' eyes move toward the direction he is moving. I made a teleport tunnel, and I even made a second level! My game is hard though. I beat it once. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Week 1, Friday: So glad we had time to create our own game. I was bummed we weren't going to make a space invaders game, so I made one! I love it. Got to see some great ideas for a racing game. I'd like to try to make a tetris game.

Week 2, Monday: Got my fire simulation working. Too freaking hot in this room!

Week 2, Tuesday:

Week 2, Wednesday:

Week 2, Thursday:

Week 2, Friday:

Contact Information

YouTube Videos of Computational Thinking Patterns

Collision <youtube v="A2W3Qm1YTFc" />

Transportation <youtube v="9qjzlG79ViY" />

Generation <youtube v="3GRCZjyPrFs" />

Absorbtion <youtube v="Fk_vmUMoU8A" />