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Technology Teacher, Carson Middle School

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

Scalable game design has already been introduced at our school and it was a tremendous success. Based on the success of the class, we are adding two additional class sections, which I will be teaching. I have two instructional goals with this program. My first is that I want students to learn how to design game design and do elementary coding activities to get them more comfortable with the idea of software design and programing. My other goal is to increase students' ability to solve problems independently and have this skill transfer across other subject areas.

Unit Sequence I don't feel like I know enough yet to develop a coherent unit sequence.

Project Journal: 2013

Day 1, Monday: I really enjoyed learning about Frogger today. One of the aspects that I liked most about it was that it seems like it self-differentiates. Students who have a harder time with the concepts can build a simpler game while students who catch on more quickly can add more complex game design aspects.

Day 2, Tuesday:I can see how the "hill climbing" can lead to more interesting and complex games for the students. I was EXTREMELY frustrated with the bouncing ball activity, not because of the pedagogy but because my computer wasn't working correctly. I anticipate this is a problem I will encounter in the classroom as well.

Day 3, Wednesday:I liked the problem solving activities. I think this would be good for my students and after going through the problem solving examples I might have them create a flow chart to trouble check their own work before calling for help. This link shows generate because the bubbles are created, absorbtion because the bubbles disappear when hit, perceived act because there is a virus spreading, there is also collision because the bubbles hit each other. This link shows transport, absorbtion, collision,hill climbing, and seeking.

Day 4, Thursday:I really like the simulations. I can see how these can be used in MULTIPLE classes and will really help us with our interdisciplinary plans for next year. I really enjoyed creating my simulation this afternoon, but it is very frustrating when I hit a wall and I'm not sure how to move forward. I'm not sure how I'll handle this when I'm not surrounded by experts.

Day 5, Friday: Today was my favorite day of the whole week. I really liked being able to be creative and make my own game, but I also liked having the support of experts as well. I am very glad that I have an experienced teacher at my school to help me with implementation next year.

Day 6, Saturday:

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