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Art, Technology, and GATE Instructor, Vineland Middle School

How will I introduce Scalable Game Design in my school?

I will...

Be implementing the use of Agent Sheets in my 6th Grade Introduction to Technology class and my Advanced Technology Class for 7th and 8th graders.

Project Journal: 2013

Day 1, Monday:


Software-The most beneficial aspect of this morning was getting to address minor technical issues with individuals with more experience. It was also helpful to ask questions about how the software will work on my computers.

Teaching-I am beginning to think about how I am going to evaluate student work. I want to partially evaluate students on the ability to be successful but I want to provide credit for effort. I would be interested to see how other teachers evaluate the games.


Computational thinking-Computational thinking is a new concept for me. I need to review the definitions and concepts in this area. I think that reviewing this vocabulary before tomorrow will help me support and understand the course goals. I have found information on the wiki regarding this subject and will review it this evening.

Project-I clearly understand why arcade upload and wiki interaction are the major issues for teachers when they return to their schools.

Day 2, Tuesday:


Software-I am becoming much more confident using the software. I am glad that we are being given more freedom to complete projects.

Computational Thinking-I think that I am acquiring a better grasp of computational thinking patterns.

SGD-The 3-D demonstrations of diffusion really clarified the concept.


Teaching-The pedagogy portion of today’s instruction motivated me to get started on the lesson planning portion of the conference. I am excited to figure out how I am going to integrate Agent Sheets into my classes. SGD-I especially enjoy looking at my peers games. It helps me get dieas for elements that I can add to my own games.

Day 3, Wednesday:


Teaching-I have envisioned a classroom activity for debugging where the students have working games, are asked to leave their computers, I alter the program, then they have to return to their seats and figure out what is wrong. I think this would activate critical thinking and problem solving and support conversational programming.

SGD-Computational Thinking Videos

Perceive Act Synchornization-Pythagoras Tree

Collision and Generate-Double Rainbow


SGD-I thought the breakout sessions were useful to allow us to focus on the area that we need the most growth and support. I would have like to have more interaction on working with the arcade and some of the problems that can be experienced when transitioning from Agent Sheets to online presentation.

Day 4, Thursday:Not Participating

Day 5, Friday:Not Participating

Day 6, Saturday:Not Participating

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