AgentCubes Online Student Account Creation

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How to Create New Student Accounts

To set up student accounts in AgentCubes Online, log in and use the Account settings button to go to the group creation tool. If you don't see this button, click on your username.

Account links and buttons, including the Account Settings button

Any group members that you already have, as well as information about group size, will be shown on this page. If you need a larger group size, please contact Nadia Repenning.

List of group members with action buttons below

Group members used and total available

Setting the Default Password

At any time (and especially the first time you create new users), use the Set starting password feature. The default password is password, which is insecure. Each time you change the password, newly created users will be given the password you have set. Passwords of existing users will not be changed.

Group default password dialog

If you can't recall the password and need to see it, it will be visible in your downloaded roster.

Account Creation and Removal

To add an account, click the plus sign button below the list of accounts, and fill out the requested information in the dialog. These accounts will have full access to the software features. Note that you should develop an account naming scheme that will be helpful to you yet maintain privacy for your students. More concretely, avoid using student names; instead, consider including a school identifier and other information such as time of year, class period, and/or academic subject.

Account creation dialog

To remove an account, check the associated box and click the minus sign button at the bottom of the list.

Downloading Your Roster

Use Download group roster button to generate a csv file with information about all of your group accounts.

Download roster dialog

Roster as shown in Excel

Additional Features

Additional features available include Change group name and View Group Projects.